Insulted and Intrigued

"A writer hand delivered me a story one day stating that we could not deny publishing it.  Insulted by his confidence, but also intrigued by it, I read the story right away only to find that it was absolutely incredible.  We published it in the next issue of our literary journal and our readers felt the same.  As a writer myself, I remember feeling envious of that writer.  I had never written or published a story that I felt such conviction for, until now."

Legally Speaking

"When Andre confronts his father, Jerrance Tate, that he’s his son, Jerrance denies the possibility and Andre is forced to prove it, but as the transaction goes into effect Jerrance presents Andre with a document, that Andre’s mother signed, that makes him morally not responsible, but when the contract is ignored and the D.N.A. results prove that Andre is his son Jerrance harshly forces Andre out of his life, but only to have the tables turn, six years later, when Jerrance is facing a life threatening situation, and finds that he is in need of his only son."

A Novel for Everyone

"Failed artist and alcoholic Harry is to become the most successful makeup artist in Hollywood and his classics-loving roommate Carla will become a major star, but not until they cross paths with Eric, the most beautiful, passionate and seductive young man in Los Angeles, who is obsessed with reenacting the Myth of Narcissus.  Meanwhile, Eric’s companion, Mumu, a devout Muslim and a royal Saudi expatriate, philosophizes with Harry, who is a devout Catholic, about how they reconcile their faith with their gay lives, and they try to save fanatically hedonistic Erik from himself."

Wait, what's the best thing?

"As someone who has lived and worked in the Middle East, the next best thing to do, I felt, was to write a thriller of political intrigue and deception that relates to the interminable crisis in that particular region."

20 Strangers = The Universe

"This is my first attempt at writing a novel, but I have offered this manuscript in various forms to twenty people (the majority of which I do not know personally) and have received universally strong reviews."